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Ranking for your target keywords is a real challenge for most blog owners.

Focusing too much on gaining traffic may cause you to ignore certain factors of your blog altogether.

Your blog’s content does contribute to your SEO, but the continuous algorithm changes can be tricky.

SEO is confusing if you’re just starting, but there are simple ways you can make sure that your blog is up to Google’s SEO standards.

Let’s talk about the ways you can improve your blog’s performance and optimize it for search engines below.

Make sure your blog is responsive

The internet has changed, and one of the primary sources of traffic today is mobile.

People are accessing the internet from their mobile devices more than ever.

Don’t let those your traffic leak just because you didn’t make your site mobile-friendly. Think of these metrics:

Review and try to navigate your site and see if it’s responsive. Your site shouldn’t require you to pinch and zoom. A responsive website automatically adjusts your content and images to fit the phone’s screen size.

Try looking for the top responsive themes on or .

Once you have everything in place, go and check how your blog looks on various devices on .

Remember that a user won’t return if they had a bad experience on your site.

Include keywords in your post

Using the right keywords for your blog should be the first on your list when it comes to writing your content.

Start with doing keyword research and find the right keywords to include on particular pages on your blog.

If you want your blog to show on people in the marketing industry, then try to focus your keyword search on those topics.

While keywords aren’t the main ranking factor, they greatly help Google understand your content.

Google uses the keywords and phrases that you use and shows it to people with relevant search queries.

Using the wrong keywords or those that don’t mean anything to your blog will cause you to miss out on the benefits of driving organic traffic.

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Create evergreen content

evergreen contentjplenio / Pixabay

is a vital part of your blog’s content strategy as it consistently drives traffic.

Trendy topics have their benefits and can give a sudden boost in traffic; however, they may not be consistent.

Evergreen content is all about staying away from these trending news.

If you write evergreen content, you should think of something that will still be relevant after a couple of years upon publishing.

When you’re doing your keyword research, make sure that the topics you’re eyeing have a consistent search intent.

Writing content that has the potential to generate consistent interest and topics helps your long term SEO strategy.

Choose a better hosting

As it turns out, hosting does affect your SEO performance.

For instance, search engines won’t prioritize you and may even penalize you for having a slow loading time.

Good user experience is always a critical factor in determining a good from a wrong website that search engines will rank.

Look for a hosting provider that scores well on these factors:

  • Has a server location near the country you are targeting
  • Guaranteed 99% or more server uptime
  • High speed and fast loading
  • 24/7 quality after-sales support

, Dreamhost seems to have all these factors combined.

Still, there are more web hosting providers available, but only a few can provide your requirements.

Choosing your hosting provider ultimately depends on your needs and budget and what you feel is best for your blog.

Optimize your images

optimize images and picturesLalmch / Pixabay

Search spiders can’t read pictures per se. However, images have factors that affect how your blog performs on organic search.

Using alt text or alt attribute on your images helps search engines know what your blog is about.

Optimizing your images is worth all the time you will spend.

A case study by Robbie Richard says that he generated over 150 thousand visits by optimizing his images combined with a few SEO tricks.

According to this article from Venngage using high quality, imagery can provide influencers and authority sites something to share. Make sure to invest and use high-quality photos that can help you differentiate and stand out from the rest.

Lighter website and better speed performance provide a better overall user experience.


That’s it!

A combination of excellent SEO strategy and proper execution will improve the chances that your business will show up on the search results.

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