How New Writers Can Dominate Google

When a new writer begins their career, it is not uncommon for them to worry about things such as grammar and word counts. However, in the growing Internet age, there is a lot more work involved with being a writer. For example, fifteen years ago, having a social media marketing plan and a firm understanding of SEO were not strategies employed by writers. This is the case now, though, particularly for those writers striving for top google rankings.

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The Keys to Google Domination:

  • Keep writing skills sharp: by writing and reading often, writers are sharpening their skills. The actual practice of writing is the best way to ensure content is sharp, organized, and to the point. This holds true for reading, as well. One of the best pieces of advice many professional writers discuss is, “writers read more than they write.” During the practice of writing, it is a good idea to create multiple drafts in order to see a progression in the piece of work and make note of mistakes made along the way.
  • Create multiple social media accounts: in addition to having a and account, writers need to have additional social media accounts. Be sure to create Google+,, and accounts as well. In addition to creating these accounts, they also must be updated frequently. When writing content add links to social media accounts, such as Google+, to the author biography section of the article. This not only helps improve search engine rankings, but it also leads readers to other content shared on these networks.
  • Interact with readers: social interaction is an important ingredient to social media marketing and google domination. In addition to creating great content and maintaining several social media accounts, writers need to build up their networks. This is achieved by developing a following, interacting with users on blog posts or articles, and interacting with users following the writer on their social networks. This engagement shows readers the writer cares about their audience and is interested in their views, opinions, and insights.
  • Develop SEO skills: SEO stands for search engine optimization and, for new writers, this is tricky. When an article or blog post is written, use of keywords or key phrases in the title and body of the content helps optimize the piece of writing for search engines. The keyword or key phrase is often the topic of the writing or words that are sprinkled within the writing.

The Bottom Line:

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New writers have a great responsibility not only with generating interesting and useful content, but getting it ranked high in search engine results. Relevant and high quality content is critical as is the need to share it on multiple social media networks. Writers need to constantly work at building their social networks, interacting with their followers, and posting fresh content on a regular basis.

About the author: Jenn Greenleaf has been a freelance writer since 1999 and, when she was a new writer, the need for social media marketing campaigns was in its infancy. Now she maintains multiple social media accounts, including Google+, as part of her marketing strategies.

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