Forbes Agrees — This is the year of the freelancer

carpe diemIf Forbes says it’s so, it must be so, right? Hopefully, you don’t agree with that premise and prefer a little back-up evidence to go with a headline. I was a little taken aback when I saw this headline in Forbes the other day: The Best Freelance Careers. To me, Forbes has always been a publication for wanna-be rich people and not for freelancers, who, by my definition at least, choose their career path because they prefer the freelancing lifestyle to the comfort and security of a 9-to-5 job or dreams of untold riches. Was there a million dollar a year freelancing gig I was missing out on?

I was taken aback a second time when I read:

Marketing is one of the highest-paying freelance gigs. Jobs like marketing coordinator, marketing manager and project manager feature estimated earnings of $46 to $52 an hour

“Hang on,” I thought, “I’m a lowly content writer and even I can realistically shoot for hourly rates like that and even better.”

Lowly content writer”? If that thought is in the back of your mind, it’s time for a reality check. We writers are the backbone of the internet today. Without our content, our clients would languish on the back pages of search engines. Without us, no one would consider our clients authorities in their fields. In a word, content writers are indispensable.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Here’s what Copyblogger had to say about content writers in a recent blog, 2013: The Year of the Online Blogger: “2013 will mark a shift in both the perception and the fortunes of Internet-savvy writers.” The article goes on to outline the 3 reasons “why the writer runs the internet show:”

  1. Content drives online marketing.
  2. Google authorship acknowledgement elevates writers’ status.
  3. Writers are now in a position to run their own shows.

That’s the briefest of brief outlines of what the article has to say, so be sure to take a look at it after you’re done here. Also check out The Writer Runs This Show and download and print the PDF poster and hang it on your wall for inspiration.

Still Not Convinced?

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If you’re still not convinced that freelance writing is a viable and profitable career opportunity, it may be because you lack experience or a support network. You can do it the hard way like I did, or you can find a mentor to help guide you through the maze. Carol Tice is one such mentor and the best one I’ve found yet. That’s why I shamelessly promote her services here whenever I get the chance. She’s become so popular in the past year, it’s hard to get a spot in her Writers Den or even in one of her group courses, but if you sign up for her newsletter and read her blog, you’ll learn a lot and eventually get your foot in the door. Just click on the banner above for an introduction to Carol and her services.

Carpe diem – seize the day. This is the year of the freelancer. Even Forbes agrees.

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Rob Schneider is a writer currently based in Sihanoukville Cambodia. Rob writes feature articles and web content for a number of Australian and U.S, companies as well as his own blogs.
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